A company to trust for availing medically fit Cattle of different breeds like Pure Murrah Buffalo, Pure Sahiwal Cow, Pure HF Cow, Pure Tharparkar Breed Cow, Etc..

About Us
Keeping customers happy is a foremost job of a business because that is the very purpose of its existence. Profits may come and go but loyal customers are hard to get. 'Consistency' in almost every aspect like quality work and smooth business operations are important because it is a first step to attain loyalty of a client. Maintaining consistency in quality work since 2000, is our company, J. K. Dairy Farm. We are keeping our valued patrons happy by offering them a wide impressive line of medically fit Cattle.

Tharparkar Bull, HF Cow, Holstein Friesian Cow, Rathi Cow, HF Bull are some of the farm animals we are supplying to reasonable prices. Business job roles of trader and supplier are performed by our company with brilliance. We maintain a large variety in cattle at our farm that aids in fulfilling demands of customers. In a large shed area, farm animals are kept with proper arrangements and facilities.

We are mainly dealing in Bulk order quantity from Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP, Rajasthan, Orissa, Bangladesh, Dhaka and West Bengal.
About Us

Our Product Range

we nurture Brown Jersi Cow, Indian Sahiwal Cow, Holstein Friesian Cow, with perfection.
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